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Volleyball TOUGHSTIX

Hitters rarely have an open net.

In a game, hitters are constantly facing a block. Why are we in practices, drills, and warm-ups not simulating what we are about to see in a game? Volleyball TOUGHSTIX provides clubs, teams, and coaches a lightweight, durable, convenient, and customizable blocking stick.

No More:

  • Strapping on large, bulky, stationary blocking devices to your net.
  • Having coaches jumping and blocking at the net.
  • Having players raising their jump count by always having to simulate the block.
  • Going through drills without a convenient blocking option.
  • Shovels, broomsticks, and non-professional equipment.

Use in:

  • Practices
  • Drills
  • Hitting Lines
  • Ball Control Drills
  • Warm-Ups
TOUGHSTIX Volleyball 1
TOUGHSTIX Volleyball 2
TOUGHSTIX Volleyball 3
TOUGHSTIX Volleyball 4

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