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Have you ever faced defenders that consistently took the ball from your attackers?

This is a common occurrence when attackers face strong, quick, aggressive defenders. Developing strength and quickness is important for a soccer athlete to compete at the highest level.

Another characteristic of high level skill development is what we call ‘skill toughness’. This is an athlete’s ability to perform a skillset even when strong, aggressive defenders are trying to take the ball from them.

TOUGHSTIX are the perfect training tool to safely simulate these strong aggressive defenders.

TOUGHSTIX will help train your athletes to avoid tackles or trip attempts (whether intended or unintended). Penalties are not always called and the tougher player will win or keep the ball most of the time.

Coaches notice an increased focus during skill development drills when TOUGHSTIX are used. TOUGHSTIX can simulate aggressive defense without risk of injury or concussion and can be used for training athletes of all skill levels.

Soccer TOUGHSTIX In Action

Soccer TOUGHSTIX Training Tool
Soccer TOUGHSTIX Training Tool
Soccer TOUGHSTIX Training Tool

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