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Receivers/Tight ends

If receivers don’t catch the ball they can’t advance the ball. If you don’t advance the ball you don’t score, if you don’t score you don’t win.

Sounds simple, right? Good athletes will catch uncontested passes most of the time, but what about making the catch when a defensive back is right there trying to intercept the pass?

These are the catches and plays that a game often hinges on. TOUGHSTIX are a safe way to simulate defenders that are trying to break up your big plays. You can’t expect your athletes to consistently make the tough catches unless they practice them.

Using TOUGHSTIX to simulate a live defender will not only help train your receivers for the game, but they can greatly reduce the risk of injuries, including concussions while simulating pass break up attempts.

Running Backs

TOUGHSTIX are lightweight and durable so they can easily simulate a quick poke to knock the ball out or a strong thrust that violently knocks it loose. TOUGHSTIX has been designed to safely simulate the variety of contacts that defenders use to strip the football from your back. Don’t let this happen….Train with TOUGHSTIX.


TOUGHSTIX can safely simulate the various types of pressure that a quarterback will face during game action. Quarterbacks need to be accurate even while they are being hit during their throwing motion. TOUGHSTIX are great at simulating these types of hits. Train your quarterbacks to perform under the toughest conditions, train them to be tough with TOUGHSTIX.

Football TOUGHSTIX Training Tools

Football TOUGHSTIX have a cylindrical pad that is 5 inches in diameter and 32 inches in length. The handle is 16 inches for a total length of 48 inches. The weight of a single TOUGHSTIX is 22 ounces.

Order custom Football TOUGHSTIX and have them delivered in your custom team colors and logo. Choose the background color for your TOUGHSTIX and your letter color. We will outline your text in white or black, to make your text stand out. You will choose 2 lines of text (max 15 characters per line). You can upload a logo as well. Your logo will be placed near the handle end of your TOUGHSTIX and on the top end cap.

Football TOUGHSTIX In Action

Football ToughStix

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