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Basketball TOUGHSTIX

Turnovers can cost you the game.

Offensive skills are a huge part of the game, but can these skills be performed as tough defense is applied? Can your athletes be strong with the ball as they attempt to score? TOUGHSTIX training will help your athletes perform the skills you teach when game contact is applied.

Basketball is a contact sport.

Not all contact is called as a foul by the officials. TOUGHSTIX will prepare your players to play through this contact and score.

  • Triple Threat Sweeps
  • Rim Attacks
  • Closeouts (Shooting with a hand in face)
  • Finish Shots Around the Rim
  • Dribble Moves
TOUGHSTIX will also develop:
  • More Aggressive Rebounding
  • More Loose Balls (50/50 balls) Won
  • More ‘And 1’ Opportunities
  • Greater Overall Team Toughness
  • No ‘freak out’ When Playing Taller Teams

TOUGHSTIX Training can simulate game conditions when you face taller more athletic competition. You need to practice against fierce defense if you want to have success against fierce defense in games. This type of defense involves contact. This type of contact increases the risk for injury to your athletes, including concussions. Using TOUGHSTIX to simulate this defensive pressure including contact for a percentage of your drills and practice will help reduce the risk of injury including concussions.

Basketball TOUGHSTIX

Remember these highlights of TOUGHSTIX Training:

  • Offensive Skills that cannot be performed under tough defensive conditions are useless.
  • TOUGHSTIX help reduce injuries, including concussions.
  • Practices become more focused and intense when TOUGHSTIX are used.
  • Athletes consistently state that they want their coaches to train them with TOUGHSTIX.

Basketball TOUGHSTIX In Action

Basketball TOUGHSTIX Athletic Training Tool 1
Basketball TOUGHSTIX Athletic Training Tool 3
Basketball TOUGHSTIX Athletic Training Tool 4
Basketball TOUGHSTIX Athletic Training Tool 2

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